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One Mile


Angel Fire

Ghost of the American Road





The Persistence of Time

Cracks in Time

Grand Central

Dancing in the Snow

Ghosts of the American Road


One Mile

Union Jack

Welcome to the British Bulldog, Denver CO.

Backstory: going through the motions


The female of the species


The DaVinci Gallery: a study in High Dynamic Range

Lately I’m working not only on my actual camera ability, but also on better understanding the technology of processing images. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours in the DaVinci Machines Exhibit in Denver working on both composition and technical skills (shooting in lower light, for instance) and doing so with an eye toward how I’d be outputting the images later. Interesting results.

I bracketed everything I shot (three exposures: -3, 0 and +3) to enable composite High Dynamic Range processing. The sequence below comprises five different takes on the same raw image. First, the basic shot, fine tuned a bit in Photoshop.


West 38th

Welcome to the Berkeley neighborhood in West Denver (just across from Old Elitch Gardens).

Today’s Specials

Today's Specials

This is Javier & C’s, our classic neighborhood diner.


Nom Nom Nom