The More I Learn, the Expensiver It Gets

I bought my first camera maybe three months ago – a Nikon D3100. A nice, entry-level DSLR that I could learn on and maybe even take a few good shots with. At the time, I knew diddley about photography other than a) I liked it, and b) I wanted to know how to do it myself. Specifically, at that time I had never heard the term “bracketing.”

Since then:

  • Greg Thow explained bracketing to me.
  • I discovered that my camera doesn’t do it.
  • I was given to understand that Nikon was apparently unique in this – every other DSLR of any stature did bracketing.
  • Finally, I learned that no, comparable DSLRs from Canon and SONY do not do bracketing – you need to step up a level for that feature set.


See, now that I know that bracketing is the technique responsible for many of the incredibly awesome shots I see, I am keenly aware that even the best stuff I shoot is nowhere near as good as it could be. And even though I’m a rank rookie, it’s driving me nuts.

Tonight I began the process of evaluating what I can sell my current equipment for. I can probably offload it and get a Nikon D90 for $500-600 difference (plus warranty – so $700ish).

Cameras are crack, aren’t they?

2 thoughts on “The More I Learn, the Expensiver It Gets

  1. I guess you make your peace with your equipment choice. As with most things in life – your voice (eye in this case) is more powerful than the equipment. What do you want your viewer to see? More importantly, why are you shooting that picture? Photography is one of the most publicly intimate things we do – it is for me anyway. Enjoy the process of selecting your new toy.

  2. The process I’ll enjoy. It’s the bill that’s the annoying part.

    In any case, I’m trying to keep a little perspective here. I know I can shoot great pics and I know that learning technique is more important than relying on gadgetry. But I’ve also seen what happens when great technique and the right technology intersect. I guess I want to be an award-winner overnight.

    Which ain’t happening, no matter what camera I have… 🙂

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