Color vs. Black & White: Ohio Creek Range, Gunnison, Colorado

I’ve been looking hard at the shots I got from my Gunnison outing last month. In doing so I find I’m learning a lot about not only the technical differences in black and white vs. color, but also the differences in the stories the two approaches tell. All part of trying to learn not only about photography, but who I am as a novice shooter, as well. So, that said, here are two takes on a landscape I shot. They’re very different pictures to be the same picture, aren’t they?

Color first:

Ohio Creek, Gunnison, Colorado - color

Now the black and white:

Ohio Creek, Gunnison, Colorado - b/w

Greg Thow recommended the b/w crop to remove all the negative space – that color gradient is signal in the top image but noise in the bottom one.

3 thoughts on “Color vs. Black & White: Ohio Creek Range, Gunnison, Colorado

  1. Perhaps a tad too heavy with that graduated filter in the sky. Nice framing; good foreground sets off vastness of sky and space …

    Like the B&W version best.

  2. Except that there is a lot less filtering on that sky than it probably looks like. There’s some, yes, but the sky was just stunning that day and it was even more incredible a few hundred feet higher up the pass. The “vastness” thing is what I was after and that wide-angle lens does vast well.

    I like the b/w, but am in love with the colors I saw that day. Like I say, it’s really two very different pics, huh?

    Thanks, Denny.

  3. I will frequently take landscape images in both color and B/W. They are different, like prose and poetry – both required by the soul. The lovely part is we are not required to pick a favorite – we can delight in both.

    Keep shooting – there are many stories yet to see…

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