Castleton Ranch


First encounter with antique tungsten light. I think the light won. But hey – I know things about white balance that I didn’t used to….

Hallway - Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs CO


Rekha Ohal takes a break on a video shoot in Glenwood Springs, CO.



Honoring Andreas Feininger

When I’m not trying to learn about photography or earn money to pay the bills, I’m the publisher at Scholars & Rogues. One of our traditions there has always been the honoring of a “scrogue” on our masthead – someone whose life and career we admire. It’s a pretty cool list of folks we have tribbed through the years, and we always have someone do an essay on that figure’s life.

Tomorrow we honor our next luminary – Andreas Feininger. I wrote the piece and it makes sense that I xpost it here. (more…)

The Great Hotel Colorado Photomatix Massacre of 2012

I just bought Photomatix and am in the process of experimenting, trying to understand what it does, how best to use it, and so on. For me, learning tends to be a hands-on, screw-around-with-it process. Push buttons, play with sliders, sample all the templates and presets (even the silly ones). Over time I learn how to make it work for me, and in the meantime I have a lot of fun. Like today.

Last week I spent a couple of days in Glenwood Springs on a video shoot for a client. We stayed at the (awesome) historic Hotel Colorado,  and everywhere I looked I saw yet another shot that I’m not yet good enough to get. But I pointed and clicked anyway. Also, I tried to figure out my HDR.

I took the following in the courtyard around midnight and dumped a couple of bracketed exposures into Photomatix and began investigating the possibilities. The first shot is the one where I was sort of playing it straight (although not entirely).

Courtyard, Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs (more…)

Color vs. Black & White: Ohio Creek Range, Gunnison, Colorado

I’ve been looking hard at the shots I got from my Gunnison outing last month. In doing so I find I’m learning a lot about not only the technical differences in black and white vs. color, but also the differences in the stories the two approaches tell. All part of trying to learn not only about photography, but who I am as a novice shooter, as well. So, that said, here are two takes on a landscape I shot. They’re very different pictures to be the same picture, aren’t they?

Color first:

Ohio Creek, Gunnison, Colorado - color (more…)